Organically Sourced Living Mycelium Probiotics

The feeling you get when drinking Myco Tea is one of vibrant life and health. It’s backed by science, meaning it has all the right ingredients to make your body happy! Imagine waking up in the morning after sipping on some good old-fashioned organic mycelium tea…


100% Organic


3 Variations


16 / 32 oz.

Imagine drinking a healthy probiotic beverage that is alive and multiplies when you drink it. MycoTea delivers the world’s first organic sourced living mycelium probiotic, which has been handcrafted into our refreshing light tasting tea for an enhanced experience of health benefits with every sip!

Quality, Organic Mycelium Probiotics

MycoTea is unlike any other probiotic on the market. For starters, it’s alive. Most probiotics are dead by the time you ingest them, but MycoTea is still flourishing. Not only is it alive, but it’s also bio-available to your body, meaning that your body can easily absorb and use the nutrients found in MycoTea. Unlike other probiotics, MycoTea is made from organic and living mycelium. Studies have shown that mycelium can help improve gut health, boost immunity, fight inflammation, and much more! Because MycoTea is made with organic ingredients, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality probiotics available. In addition, MycoTea has a smooth, vibrant feel and flavor that other probiotics simply can’t match. If you’re looking for an effective and delicious probiotic, MycoTea is the obvious choice.

Health Benefits of MycoTea

Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms and there is an abundance of scientific research showing mycelium to have positive health benefits for inflammation, gut health, immunity, brain function, metabolism, blood sugar, liver function and much more!

People have been harnessing the health benefits of mushrooms for centuries, however modern science has shed a new light that these health benefits are actually derived from mycelium, what the mushroom itself grows from. Mycelium creates beneficial compounds by breaking down nutrients turning them into extracellular metabolites. These metabolites are then saturated in the liquid found in MycoTea. By consuming living mycelium and the liquid it was cultivated in you receive all those beneficial compounds in a bio-available form. MycoTea combines the modern science of mycelium research with the wisdom of our ancestors to provide 3 unique blends of Living Mycelium Probiotics.


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Ida Patykula
Ida Patykula
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Antidotal, but I just felt better when I was consistently drinking it. More energy and health.
Melanie Marne
Melanie Marne
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I love this stuff!!!
Sartori Amici
Sartori Amici
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I reccomend their Products...