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MycoTea is the world’s first organic sourced living mycelium beverage. We deliver FRESH LIVING MYCELIUM directly to YOU.

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We hand craft this powerful blend of LIVING MYCELIUM, YERBA MATE and WHEATGRASS into a light refreshing beverage.

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Mycelium is the root system of the mushroom and there is an abundance of scientific research showing mycelium to have positive health benefits for inflammation, gut health, immunity, brain function, and much more!

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Drinking MycoTea is a holistic approach to a healthy, healing lifestyle. Choose to optimize your health and well being with MycoTea. Be your best self. MycoTea is proud to be a product of the USA

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“I sampled, then purchased a bottle last saturday from the farmers market in the grove. By tuesday i found myself driving 25 miles out of my way to purchase a case. Yes its that good, yes it works and yes it delivers as promised. Samples are FREE, you have nothing to loose. Try it today.”

Julie Bach

“Thank you for providing a drink that i enjoy soo much. I love the crisp refreshing feeling of drinking Mycotea. I always feel healthy and full of life after drinking mycotea. You guys Rock, Mycotea Rocks!!”

Matthew Ray

“Natures Den Herbs and Vitamins believes in supporting local business. When we met the founders of Mycotea at the Ft Pierce Farmers and learned about all the health benefits we had to try it for ourselves. It wasn’t long before we started stocking it in our store. #NaturesDenllc Port Saint Lucie”

Lou Zolofra

“Found this yesterday at the Lake Worth farmer’s market while out on a run. Quenched our thrist and then some! Thought I was done with my run due to mid day heat but after drinking a bottle and a quick hang at the beach I got about another 2 miles in! Good find and good stuff!”


“I think it’s fab, heard about it, just by luck? The lady told me she had been out of pain since 3-4 days after she started drinking MycoTea? Completely off of her pain meds! To someone like me that can’t be prescribed pain meds or much of anything, due to an atrial, titanium valve replacement, & being on Coumadin for life, I can’t take much! This drink has done wonders for my pain caused from bulging disc in spine, Inflamed Bursa and arthritis! I now sleep through most of the night with little or no help, amazing!”


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