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Looking to boost your energy levels?

Cordyceps Sinensis is the most powerful mushroom in the world. It has been used by ancient Chinese warriors and athletes for thousands of years to improve their endurance and stamina while also stimulating a speedy recovery and longevity. This mycelium charges your thunderbolt! 

This species of mycelium will provide you with an endurance boost, anti-aging antioxidants and ease any inflammation in your body. Just to name a few.

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The caterpillar fungus lives on the Tibetan Plateau, including parts of India and western China, otherwise known as the “Roof of the World.” An ever-growing list of symptoms remedied using Cordyceps Sinensis includes the respiratory, renal, liver, nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, cancerous tumors, decreased libido, stress, fatigue, and aging.

Cordyceps Sinensis is the ultimate natural performance enhancer that can be taken before workouts, during workouts or even after workouts for a faster recovery. The benefits are endless with this incredible mushroom.

Cordyceps Sinensis will give you that extra edge when it comes to training or working hard at work. You’ll feel like a God with more energy than Zeus himself!


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