Bears Head Tooth


Do you want to feel more passion and vigor in your life?

Bear’s Head Tooth tea is a natural tonic that can help you feel more passionate about life. It has been used for centuries by ancient cultures and modern day herbalists alike. 

Extracts from this mushroom contain what is called ‘erinacines’; these stimulate rehabilitation and new growth in neurons. The impact of which is both mental and physical. This mycelium specie also contains high antioxidant components and reduce oxidative damage from free radicals that we are exposed to daily.

Eros gave Bear’s Head Tooth to the world to ignite passion! And it really works…The End…or The Beginning?

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Bears Head Tooth mushroom as well as the fermented mycelia have been reported to produce several classes of bioactive molecules including polysaccharides, proteins, lectins, phenols, and terpenoids. Research has shown that Bears Head Tooth mycelium extract can improve cognitive abilities, support the nervous and immune systems.

Hericium Americanum has been extensively researched, and shows real promise as a treatment for maladies as varied as Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive performance, digestive problems, and cancer.

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